Solid Perfume
A return to the perfume roots

A nice way to perfume your home. You’ll see how it will be easy stay wrapped in its intense, natural and sublime fragrance.  Scent made of Alba Wax, Essential Oil, Natural Resins and aromatic Essences.


The properties of the perfume
Choose your favorite

• Neroli: by bitter orange’s blossoms, calm and serenity for your soul.
Peony: by the delicate flower, refresh your rooms and gives a sweet and floral note to your house.
Cedar: the citrus and intense scent helps strenghten your mind.
Millefiori: a fresh and intense bouquet that help to relax and calm the nerves.
Balsam Fir: the fresh scent of the fir tree to cool your rooms.
Bourbon Vanilla: the warmth and the vanilla sweetness for an aphrodisiac touch and to take stress off.
Ambergris: you can warm up your rooms with this aphrodisiac and inebriating scent
Amber and Cinnamon: this citrusy and spicy scent stimolates your mind


How to use solid perfume

• Put the scent crystal in an oil burner, without any addition of water.
• Put a candle in the burner essences, that will heat the crystal with its warmth. As it melts it will release an intense scent in the whole house.
• Once you’ve put off the candle, the perfume’ll return solid.