Our Values

At My Fragrances, we have always believed in the value of excellence. Strong artisan traditions and the typical design culture that is inherent in Made in Italy products are at the heart of every choice we make.

All products signed My Fragrances are designed in-house, from formulation to design, from graphics to packaging. Everything at My Fragrances is cared for with the utmost attention to even the smallest detail.
The base ingredients of our essences are predominantly produced in the famous city of Grasse, where craftsmanship, research and innovation are seen as a unique mission, while their processing, labelling and packaging are undertaken in Italy, overseen by our direct and vigilant quality control.

Even the smallest particular is thus created with the highest attention to detail, then patiently finished “to perfection”. It is with the same care and precision that all of our production phases are carried out.

Our stores: a sensory path

Behind the world of My Fragrances is twenty years of experience, uniting passion for the home, design and well-being.  This unique unrivalled baggage was both a source of learning and inspiration for the design and implementation of our project.
Entering into a My Fragrances store is like embarking on a sensory journey through the world. Each store’s décor was designed and finely curated by a specialised team; their professional skills, combined with a precise selection of materials and the work of Italian craftsmen, equip our sales points with a unique richness.

Walking into a store, you are immediately welcomed and transported on a multi-sensory journey, where the perfumes inebriate, the music envelops, the design captivates and the textures and materials beg to be touched.
At our stores, inspiration, intrigue and mysterious elegance form a masterly, engaging equilibrium.
Our history together with this extraordinary journey has resulted in an exceptionally ample range of fragrances and perfumes that are attentive to Italian taste and its evolution, as well as the needs of any space and season.

Feeling the world, also without seeing it, is the best we can offer our customers.

The evolution of our projects

My Fragrances enters the world of Natural Cosmetics

Born from the cult of well-being that is at the core of our philosophy, the first My Fragrances natural skincare lines have been created.

Proudly Italian and attentive to the quality of each ingredient, our cosmetics range was designed to bring to the skin the same intense sensations that our fragrances bring to homes and environments. Maximum attention to the formulations and the selection of ingredients is for us absolutely fundamental: our products CONTAIN NO parabens, SLS or SLES, nor silicones or mineral oils. My Fragrances treasures the journeys undertaken in order to spread Made in Italy abroad, bringing to the world its fragrances and perfumes, and especially its philosophy and Italian taste.

This is the story hidden within every My Fragrances product.

Scent your world,
scent your life.