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Cotton and Sisal Fiber
Exfoliating Sponge

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Made of a combination of natural fibers such as sisal, linen and cotton. The high quality and naturalness of these materials ensure a deep cleansing and, at the same time, act on the skin renewing it and preventing imperfections. Sisal, the main element of this sponge, is a fiber extracted from the sisalana Agave leaves that, thanks to its stiffer texture, is long lasting and anti-static.
This product is perfect for cleansing and exfoliating the epidermis, making the skin softer, healthier and brighter.

How to use

Use it during your bath or shower, massaging all your body to cleanse, exfoliate and reactivate the circulation. Rinse well the sponge after use and let it dry naturally.
Do not use on damaged, irritated or inflamed skin.
It is recommended to replace the product every 6 months of frequent use. Do not wash in the washing machine. If needed, it is possible to soak the product for a couple of hours in tepid water with a teaspoon of baking soda: rinse well and let it dry. The sponge will be as good as new and disinfected.

Action and benefits

The main action of the sponge is the deep detoxification through which impurities are removed and clogged pores of the skin are cleansed; this action, together with the exfoliating action of the sisal, improves cellular and skin renewal.
The skin, in this way, is made softer, smoother and brighter. Thanks to its texture, this product is perfect also for its stimulating and regenerating action: massaging gently your body from the feet upwards, the lymphatic system and blood circulation are stimulated, thus preventing the build up of toxins, improving the appearance of cellulite and slowing down skin aging process.
The skin appears younger and healthier.

Composition: 42% sisal, 42% cotton, 16% linen; sponge side: 100% cotton

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