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Sponge and Sisal Fiber Slippers
Size M

An ideal and comfortable product with a non-slip and water resistant sole. The inside is made of sisal fiber, a natural fiber extracted from the sisalana Agave leaves, which creates a massaging and draining action, due to the stiff texture of the sole.

How To Use

Use whilst the feet are wet to help improve the sisal action and allow a natural exfoliating effect.
Do not use on damaged, irritated or inflamed skin. It is recommended to replace this product every 6 months of frequent use.


Action and benefits

Worn on your wet feet after shower or bath, sisal slippers will massage the plant of the foot, giving a pleasant sensation of overall well-being, stimulating blood circulation and exfoliating the tough skin formed under your feet. Once wet, sisal swells and becomes an exfoliating sponge that effectively removes cracks without getting aggressive and leaving the skin of your feet really soft.

Composition: inside 42% sisal, 42% cotton, 16% linen; upper 100% cotton


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