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Cotton and Bamboo
Head Band

An essential accessory, extremely soft and elastic to keep your hair tidy and away from your face. It is ideal before applying make up, facial treatments and during exercise.

How to use

Place the band around the head before applying make-up or before having a bath. Hand wash and let it dry naturally.

Action and benefits

Bamboo plant thrives in tropical and subtropical areas where it arises spontaneously. From this plant is extracted a fiber whose properties and benefits are numerous and appreciable. The fabric made from this fiber is soft but resistant, with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that make it hypoallergenic. This is a breathable fabric, able to absorb moisture and regulate body temperature. It dries quickly between one use and another, incredibly soft and foldable. Easy to carry, it is comfortable, long lasting and super absorbent.

Composition: 60% bamboo fiber, 40% cotton


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