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Charcoal Bamboo Fiber
Exfoliating Gloves

Made out of precious Charcoal Bamboo fiber that, thanks to its activated carbon, develops an active antiseptic action.
Charcoal Bamboo is generated by a special type of Bamboo that needs to be subjected to heat treatment where the active carbon originates. This glove is perfect for making your skin healthy and beautiful.

How to use

Use it during your bath or shower, massaging all your body to cleanse, exfoliate and reactivate the circulation. Rinse well the glove after use and let it dry naturally.
Do not use on damaged, irritated or inflamed skin.
It is recommended to replace the product every 6 months of frequent use. Do not wash in the washing machine. If needed, it is possible to soak the product for a couple of hours in tepid water with a teaspoon of baking soda: rinse well and let it dry. The glove will be as good as new and disinfected.

Action and benefits

Thanks to this innovative material, the glove deeply cleanses the pores of the skin, eliminating toxins and overactive sebum. Exfoliating action of its texture helps remove dead cells from skin surface, improving blood circulation and cell renewal and making the skin more silky and brighter.

Composition: 55% charcoal bamboo, 45% nylon


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